vrijdag 9 april 2010

RU ___HC

I just wanna tell something about Russian Hardcore. Ok my first experience was good, in the matter of fact I already heard good things about it before I went to this gig in the centre of Moscow.

This is how it looks like exactly, the german band supposed to be there first because they have to bring the backline, really expensive there to hire stuff, i think. The two german bands get stuck in traffic, pulled over by the russian boarders while they are coming from Minsk, and after got stuck in a traffic jam for many hours. This is typically russian, but the promoters don t like this kind of joke and get stressed all over the place. People starting to leave thou it was all good sunny weather, which is not typical for this time of the year.
Eventually they can make it, the russians are making inside jokes about the germans, and everything is starting to move in fast motion since then. All the russian bands started playing only few of their songs because they have to make it before 23 o clock before the place was shut down. Ok, this is hilarious, in a silly way, the venue is like a living room, with everywhere pictures of high sociaty people who rented the place. Books in the corner next to the tinny stage which could only carry the drums.
Everybody is exicited, like this is 1980 and the first punks are about to play something unholy. The first shitty bands cause a mosh riot, karate dances, and a circle pit around the collonade. This is heavy stuff and worth watching even the bands have no PA, no stage help, all fucking DIY, the way it should be in a kind a rotten place like that. But hey, there is a party going on, and everybody is enjoing them selves. Dirty russian sing along, moshing, and everybody stays intense, not like in Europe or US where they find starting bands, below the shit level. This is all new, they have a blast, and there is friendship and hardcore all over the shitty venue. Fun and joy, and jokes like... The germans could come here during the World War 2, but now they finally made it.

Flawless Victory is the shit, played the best in the whole evening, making it all worth waiting for. Played short but powerful, wish to hear more from them in the future. Watch out for those guys, they coming out strong with their new full LP FREEDOM.

To make this short, russian hardcore is really cool experience, even for me as russian. Made new friends, saw horny hardcore chicks, life is cool if you enjoy seeing the good stuff.

fuck off eat shit, die young

PS; this goes out to my buddy LIEVEN, who is probably banging his girlfriend in my bed.

dinsdag 2 maart 2010

The More

The more, the sun is shining through, the more I feel that we are truely connected with the earth. That is the thing that binds us. I think that we must not forget that we are very similar with flowers, we grow to sun, we long for summer, we like to be warm and loaded with some great power.
I know this all can sounds naive, but this is life, very organic. How crazy is the thought that when you wake up with a sun, the whole day can be amazing. Thanks to Someone for this beautiful gift, thanks to Someone, that we have seasons, that we can feel like a real animal, the warmth of a day, the pain from the cold, the change in water dropping upon us, thanks that we can capture moments in ice and thanks to nature that it all combines and mixes all this feelings in one life, in one year, that we can enjoy the good and the bad emotions every year just only because of winter!

No time to get depressed cause summer has a crush for you!